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The canvas is 40x60cm, the handmade soft-wooden frame adds another 8mm. The painting is sealed with a layer of Gamvar, which makes it easy to clean and it will make sure the colors won't fade over the years. An iron cord is attached to the back, so it's ready to go add some moodiness and power to your room of choice.

Territorial waters | Original oilpainting

€ 600,00Prijs
  • Territorial waters.
    noun [ plural ]

    UK ​ /ˌter.ɪ.tɔː.ri.əl ˈwɔː.təz/ US ​ /ˌter.ɪ.tɔːr.i.əl ˈwɑː.t̬ɚz/

    "the area of sea that is around the coast of a country and is thought to belong to it, often going out to twelve nautical miles"

    A piece for which two separate paintings on cotton were sown together. Partly seascape, partly abstract painting. Quite different at first sight, but they have more in common than you might think.

    This particular piece is about the space where your bounderies fade and seemlessly merge into someone else's.