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A scene from a mountain hike, we went out a bit too late - only 2 hours before sunset, and there many of these big patches of rock, covered with ice. No clear path, just that. And so we carefully clambered up - until we found the most beautiful view overlooking the valley, colored by the warm tones of the last sun. As it got dark and going back down again was even more tricky - my husband soon discovered the ice could be traveled best on your bum, like a giant slide 😂 Tears rolled down my cheeks from laughter as I watched him slide down.


A high resolution scan of the original oil painting was printed on a postcard: to send to loved ones or to put in a frame and hang on your walls! It's printed on the smooth side of 300gsm sulfate cardboard. The back is matte and easy to write on. Size A6, also available with a recycled envelope.

We Found Ourselves a Path | postcard

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