Oil on 50x30cm cotton canvas, in a classic floating frame. 


This special painting will draw you in completely: the loose brushmarks and scenic feeling of the piece create a unique experience. Referenced from sketches I made during our recent adventures throughout Norway. 


Inspired by a phenomenally beautiful drive along the meandering coastal roads of mid/north Norway, this piece invites you to put on your raincoat and feel the wind in your face. To dance in the rain with the warmly colored grasses that dance to the constantly changing direction of the wind. To just be and admire.


'Fullness of an exhale' embodies our experiences of coming to rest in complete stillness, of being overwhelmed by endless nature-beauty and of surrendering to that tiny-human in big-nature-place feeling. 


The painting is signed, both on the front and on the back of the piece, and varnished. The minimalistic style frame is included in the price and the painting is ready to hang.

Fullness of an exhale