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please read carefully before ordering


Please mail your picture to áfter placing your order and please include

- order number

- the picture ;)

- when applicable: if you don't want me to share the painting process on social media

in that same e-mail.


I love painting people with golden edges - in warm sunlight, surrounded by special places - and now I'd like to offer you an opportunity to have your favorite person(s) (and that certainly can include you yourself!) captured in paint!


What to expect from a 'sunny nostalgia' commissioned work:
- a unique, colorful, loosely painted rendition of your photo
- three sizes to choose from: 8x10,5cm, 14x19cm or 21x29,7 (A4)
- your loved one(s) recognizable in the loose brushstrokes
- familiar features of my acrylic paintings: an organic edge and warm background colors shining through the upper layers
- option to request one small adjustment when the work is as good as finished
- high-quality materials that last for generations
- finished before Christmas and delivered* to your home!
(*I'll do my darndest to get them to you in time, but can't promise to those of you who live far from the Netherlands or UK)

A 'sunny nostalgia' painting is probably
not for you if:

- you want a very realistic portrait with detailed faces
- you do not like color
- don't have a sunny picture
- don't like my style :)


Guide lines for choosing that picture:
1. Choose a picture where the sun is clearly shining! My style comes out best where sun and shadows are both present. Artificial lighting (almost any lamplight) is not something I do at this time.
2. Choose a photo that's 'easy on the eyes' Go for a photo that feels clear and interesting and where your eyes can find places to 'rest'. It's okay to have something going on; multiple people, objects or animals - but if the photo feels too cluttered or busy it's usually not a good sign
3. Choose a natural/spontaneous photo in this round I don't do posed portraits, but people in a natural setting. Preferably the person(s) is/are not looking into the camera and is/are doing something
4. Choose with feeling, the most beautiful paintings hold emotion. This starts with your photo - maybe it's in how the light falls on the face of your loved one, maybe it's their typical pose, the interaction, the closeness, or the place. It really doesn't have to be a high-quality photo - a simple phone shot of a special but everyday moment for you, would be perfect.
5. Don't edit the image I'd like to receive your photo without any effects or any editing so I can use my normal process and colors
6. Can't choose? Make a small selection and ask me to have a look
I'd love to help you pick! 
Get inspiration from my earlier work: like the 
'Of the Road' collection


your loved one with a book in the garden, your child playing on the beach, you - looking out over a beautiful landscape, a cuddle with that loved one you miss, your grandparent enjoying the sunshine, your friends at the messy kitchen table, your parents on a walk, that beloved tousled curl during breakfast in bed

Go through your sunny photos for golden-rimmed moments like these, and let me transform the favorite for you into a painting with soul


Commission: Sunny Nostalgia

PriceFrom €90.00
Sales Tax Included