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This piece holds so much emotion for me. It's the one that makes my eyes go a bit misty when I stare at it for a long time. The grasses start to dance and I can hear the numerous waterbirds twitter in the distance. Sunlight plays with it too - early morning or end-of-day light makes it seem to glow, the almost fluorescent underlayer singing in unison with the warm sunlight. The watery sky feels heavy with memories and fresh with new adventures ahead at the same time. There's the jacket we share throughout the year - I wear it in autumn and late winter, and Harri wears it during wintertime. It carries a smell of our van through and through, a faint note of bonfires and chilly evenings filled with conversations with new friends. I try to catch those eyes hidden in the shadow of a hand, and find connection in what's beyond. Our hearts have always beaten as one in dreams of mountains and grasses and slowed down monents anyways.

'A dream of sorts' is a warm, nostalgic piece, ringing of what's been and dreams of what's to come. True to the theme of the entire collection, it's also about finding a home within, reconnecting to the natural within, and the sense of timelessness in those moments 💚

Oil on canvas, 50x70 centimeters with handmade wooden (Ayous) floater frame.


Custom payment plan available for this piece, send an e-mail to & we'll set a plan up to no extra costs!

A dream of sorts

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