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Ohh how lovely this hike was! We followed tiny paths on a small uninhabited island, surrounded by the soft crashing of waves. The rocks were the most beautiful colors, the small forest diverse and dense, with many low hanging branches and the tiny paths invited us to play. Climb rocks, crawl to find a way through the branches, jump the path would continue a meter or so below and I felt just in awe of this small place where time seemed to stand still.


A high resolution scan of the original oil painting was printed on a postcard: to send to loved ones or to put in a frame and hang on your walls! It's printed on the smooth side of 300gsm sulfate cardboard. The back is matte and easy to write on. Size A6, also available with a recycled envelope.

Childlike wonder painting | postcard

PrijsVanaf € 2,20

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