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"Loose and vibrant brushstrokes for a vivid memory. Up close there are textures and many different hues and colors, from afar your brain puts the pieces together and makes it a comprehensible seascape. I think travel does the same. When you’re in it it’s all-consuming, beautifully overwhelming. New impressions every second – unique details that catch your eye everywhere. One incredible mix of color and texture, of experiences and you taking it all in. I can still sée myself walking this path in the sea on one of those first days we were back on the road again since the last time I wrote you. The ocean so so greenish-blue, the first-ever wild Sea Eagle I’d seen circling lazily above my head. That memory now is part of a bigger story, a brushstroke in this crazy painting of an adventure."


A high resolution scan of the original oil painting was printed on a postcard: to send to loved ones or to put in a frame and hang on your walls! It's printed on the smooth side of 300gsm sulfate cardboard. The back is matte and easy to write on. Size A6, also available with a recycled envelope.

Part of a bigger story | postcard

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