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50 paintings in 50 days

the #apaintingaday project

The Phosphene Collection


The newest collection of paintings! Nine framed gouache paintings of landscapes that are dear to me. France, Iceland & my hometown - Drenthe.

They all have abstract elements and express a sense of nostalgia.

Read and see more about the phosphene collection.

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Schilderijen, illustraties, zelfstandig kunstenares.




Lieke Koster (1997) is a Dutch artist, located in the city of Assen. When uni didn't work out for her, she decided to start focussing on her painting progress and started her art business. 

Her work is constantly evolving and she specializes in colorful, impressionistic landscapes and more abstract paintings. She mostly uses gouache, watercolor- and oil-paints and combines different painting techniques with embroidery.

Daily events, journeys to new or familiar countries and nature are her biggest source of inspiration - always and endlessly falling in love with the deep and wild mysteries of the ocean, the diversity of a field of wildflowers, open fields with dynamic clouds, dusty forest with beams of sunlight breaking through.

The process is mostly intuitive: it starts with an idea, followed by a couple of rough sketches and color swatches, after which the painting finds its way on the canvas. 

Her way of working isn't set in stone, as she likes to challenge herself with new styles or materials on a frequent basis, always creating space for play and experiment. 

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