* due to drying time & our returning to the Netherlands, it will be shipped after the 25th *


"Paths, roads - I can't get enough of them. Seemingly neverending, they give direction and a sense of movement to a landscape. I've always enjoyed the sweet moment of having left one place, but not being at the next yet. Transition time, a moment to check in as the landscape slowly changes before your eyes."


This piece was painted with loose brushstrokes of oil paints onto special oil painting paper. The 14,5x12cm surface was primed and the painting sealed with a layer of glossy varnish: made to accompany you for years, and last even for generations to come. To make the framing process extra easy, you can select the option of having the painting lightly attached to a 20x30cm sheet of handmade cotton paper with ruffled edges. If one of the two options is sold out: they both are! It's a unique, handpainted piece :)



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