* due to drying time & our returning to the Netherlands, it will be shipped after the 25th *


"I both love and dislike the many tunnels we encounter on our driving days. I'm intrigued when they come closer, as they look like portals into another world. A magical world, full of stories, mythological creatures, and treasure. But once we enter it's a lot less magical. Sure I do scan for hidden tunnels - but I highly prefer the moment befóre entering. Or the moment a new world opens up on the other side"


This piece was drawn with ink onto special, handmade 100% cotton paper with deckled edges and a natural white color.  It's 13x13cm in size. To make the framing process extra easy (or to give the piece a bit more space), you can select the option of having the painting lightly attached to a 20x30cm sheet of handmade cotton paper with ruffled edges. You can either opt for a natural white paper or one with a wash of burnt sienna like shown in the pictures. If one of the options is sold out: they all are! It's a unique, handpainted piece :)


For size reference - the painted sheet of paper that is tucked underneath the cloth is 20x30cm.


Framing tip: a piece with buckled edges looks elegant in a double glass frame that's bigger than the piece itself.




What lies beyond