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This tiny original work of art shows one of the few days the sun showed her face this December. Of course, we went out for a beautiful mountain hike and although we kind of knew where we were, we soon also were kind of lost. And the wonderful thing about it: it didn't matter. We took turns choosing paths, and there are many tiny paths crisscrossing through nature here!, and as the sun started to set, our feet got soar, it got colder and we kind of needed to find our way back soon - we ran into this colorful, old lady with 3 big and cuddly Labradors. As I stood there, petting the oldest dog on her broad forehead, the old lady invited us to cross her land 'which is something we don't usually like, you know' which apparently lead to another amazing tiny path, leading to our village, saving us many kilometers 💛


'We Didn't Know Where We Were Going, But All Was Good' is painted on an out of date, 8,5x5,8cm business card. I prepared the surface so it'd be suitable for painting and used both acrylics and oil paints. The painting is coated with a layer of clear, glossy varnish. You can bring this piece home on its own, or attached to a matte board - I currently have two sizes available:

- a 13x18cm matte board (the smaller one)

- a 20x30cm matte board (the biggest one) 




* wooden frame not included *

We Didn't Know Where We Were Going, But All Was Good