Mind you: if one of the options is sold out, 'everything' is sold out. I try to take it down as soon as it's sold, but I haven't found a way to automize it yet.. There's obviously only 1 painting!


This might seem strange, but I don't spend a lot of time in nature completely on my own. So going for an afternoon hike, on a very gloomy day, to the very beautiful but also pretty mysterious mountain forest near our village felt like a bit of a hurdle to overcome. Obviously though, I decided to put my hiking shoes and my warm jacket on, and off I went. The strangeness wore off quickly and although I was completely alone - no sound other than the soft rushes of a distant waterfall, the rustle of trees, and some birds - I felt completely at peace. I came across this small lake, with a mirror-like surface and marveled at just being here, by myself - completely surrounded by beauty.  


'Peace in being alone' is painted on an out of date, 8,5x5,8cm business card. I prepared the surface so it'd be suitable for painting and used both acrylics and oil paints. The painting is coated with a layer of clear, glossy varnish. You can bring this piece home on its own, or attached to a matte board - I currently have two sizes available:

- a 13x18cm matte board (the smaller one)

- a 20x30cm matte board (the biggest one) 



Peace in Being Alone