I painted this piece in Spillum, a small coastal village halfway up Norway. The mountain was referenced from life - this mountain was our 'backyard' while we parked our tiny home on wheels on the terrain of a small farm.


Although deeply beautiful, we couldn't really ground here. We were a bit worn from the extreme cold (up to -27 degrees) and wanted to be on the road instead of stationary, waiting for the coldest weeks of the year to pass. Nonetheless, this place nestled in my soul. 

 The painting was inspired by these few lines I wrote halfway into our two and a half week stay there: ‘I know soon, when we're traveling again, and hustling, and the buzz of spring to summer fills the air - I'll long for a slower pace, colder temperatures, of leaves turning orange. Sometimes when I get back from a walk or hop out of the house to scan the sky for dancing lights, I stand quite still for just a bit too long. As to let the cold completely get to my core. I imagine that all-consuming cold filling an isolated room in my soul and I hope, that when warmer days return, I'll remember to open its door every now and then and wonder to the tops of those quiet, frozen mountains once more’ 


This piece was painted on 30x40cm, 240gsm, linen-structured paper. The painting is varnished, signed and ready to be framed. 

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The Mountain in the Garden of my Soul \\ a gouache study