Bring a creative workshop home! Learn to paint a beautiful, layered gouache landscape with written and video guidance, and receive all the materials you need in a well designed box!

We use the painting by numbers, but way better! We'll really dive into the creative process and paint in a more intuitive fashion. We'll work in layers and I'll explain how you can use different techniques using gouache - I really want you to have fun and create something that's unique to you!

​Besides enough materials to create three 13x18cm paintings and one reference image with thorough, painting-by-numbers like sketches to guide you through the process - you'll also be invited to a painters-only online space! There'll be educational video's, the opportunity to ask feedback from me and to share your creations with your fellow painters! 

The papers and packaging in the kit are carefully selected: you'll find ricepaper, biopaper, grasspaper, recycled and fsc certified paper! We don't use unnecessary plastics in our packaging.

The Gouache Painting Kit | at home workshop

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  • What you'll find inside

    - 7 colors of gouache paints, enough to create three 13x18cm paintings
    - 3 synthetic (vegan) brushes in different sizes 
    - 3 pieces of 14x19cm high quality, 300gsm, hot-pressed (vegan) watercolor paper​ (1 to experiment, 1 to possibly make mistakes, 1 to create something magical! - it's all part of the process!)
    - 1 smaller piece of (vegan) watercolor paper to test on
    - plastic free washi tape

    - 1 reference photo taken by me
    - 3 sketches based on that one reference picture: every
      sketch corresponding with a layer we'll paint 
    - carbon paper

    - a printed guide with an introduction to gouache & step by step instructions on the painting process, available in Dutch or English
    - an illustrated list of all the materials
    - a color mixing guide

    - a password to the online space where you'll find
    - an instructive video's on painting with gouache
    - a video where I walk you through the process
    - a video with additional painting tips & tricks
    - a place to share your creations 
    - a place to ask questions to/feedback from me