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A tiny booklet to tell of our big adventures - this zine combines the sketches that started the 'Big Wide World At Our Feet' collection with some of the thoughts scribbled in my sketchbook during the creation of the works. Short and sweet, the beatifully detailed sketches will take you by the hand for a brief moment, and make you ponder about context and exploring. 


And yes, it's printable: you'll be able to download it as soon you've checked out! It's designed for regular A4 printing paper (although you could of course spruce it up with any color/fancy paper not too thick to fold!) and can be printed using the black&white settings. Here I show you to turn your paper into a tiny booklet


note: printing borderless is not really required, but it will make it look nicest. It's a high quality pdf file. 


tip: it's also pretty fun to use it as a tiny coloring book, or to 'bind' it with a needle and thread. 



The big wide world at our feet ZINE

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