* due to drying time & our returning to the Netherlands, it will be shipped after the 25th *


"We parked here for a week: an unexpected turn of events. The campsite owner could use an extra couple of hands and so Harri helped to build a terrace and I painted in our tiny home. Every day the handful of people from the tiny town would go on their 'mountain walk'. They walked almost an hour to a mailbox on a tree, wrote their names, and walked back. We were welcomed in their little parade and got glimpses of their lives. The owner of a shrimp factory (who also baked her amazing pastries for everybody), the taxi driver, the mother,  the bus driver, the order picker, and 'our guy' - the owner of the campsite. They had built their lives together, sharing meals and breakfasts, walks and wine, and Norwegian television shows. To a beaaautiful backdrop. This fjord colored pink and yellow as the sun set, Northern lights danced above the water at night and every morning the Sea Eagles would float on airstreams and make their graceful circles."


Vandrelyst is Norwegian for wanderlust: wanderlust is a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world.


This piece was drawn with ink onto special, handmade 100% cotton paper with deckled edges and a natural white color.  It's 13x18cm in size. To make the framing process extra easy (or to give the piece a bit more space), you can select the option of having the painting lightly attached to a 20x30cm sheet of handmade cotton paper with ruffled edges. You can either opt for a natural white paper or one with a wash of burnt sienna like shown in the pictures. If one of the options is sold out: they all are! It's a unique, handpainted piece :)


For size reference - the painted sheet of paper that is tucked underneath the cloth is 20x30cm.


Framing tip: a piece with buckled edges looks elegant in a double glass frame that's bigger than the piece itself.




Sea Eagles' playground