Receive a fine-art print on your doorstep, every month, for six months!


You (or a loved one) will receive a small, surprise fine-art print every month. Each month a different artwork and all reproductions from paintings/drawings I make during our travels. Perfect for starting your collection of fine-art prints, fun as a gift to yourself/a friend, special as tokens of wonder and appreciation for this world. 


Prints get shipped out every first week of the month. Please let me know if you'd like to choose the month when your subscription starts by adding a note at checkout. If there's no note, the subscription starts at the next first week of the month.


The digital download includes a gift certificate which you can print and gift, if you plan on gifting this subscription! If it is a gift, please add the address of the receiver in the notes at checkout!!


About the prints, they're:

  • A6 museum quality fine-art prints
  • often unique, subscription-only prints
  • eco & people friendly bamboo paper
  • shipping included
  • short description/notes on the back
  • 6 months so 6 prints


* Images shown are examples of the kind of work I create, not the specific prints you'll receive! Because I'd love for you to come along our adventures in a way, each month has its own print unique to that time alone * 

Postcard-sized-print | 6 month Art Subscription