13x18cm fsc certified wooden frame and matte included in price, contact me if you'd like to bring it home without frame.


"L oose and vibrant brushstrokes for a vivid memory. Up close there are textures and many different hues and colors, from afar your brain puts the pieces together and makes it a comprehensible seascape. I think travel does the same. When you’re in it it’s all-consuming, beautifully overwhelming. New impressions every second – unique details that catch your eye everywhere. One incredible mix of color and texture, of experiences and you taking it all in. I can still sée myself walking this path in the sea on one of those first days we were back on the road again since the last time I wrote you. The ocean so so greenish-blue, the first-ever wild Sea Eagle I’d seen circling lazily above my head. That memory now is part of a bigger story, a brushstroke in this crazy painting of an adventure."



This piece was painted with loose brushstrokes of oil paints onto special oil painting paper. The 9x13cm surface was primed and the painting sealed with a layer of glossy varnish: made to accompany you for years, and last even for generations to come. To make the framing process extra easy, you can select the option of having the painting lightly attached to a 20x30cm sheet of handmade cotton paper with ruffled edges. If one of the two options is sold out: they both are! It's a unique, handpainted piece :)


(for size reference - the painted sheet of paper which is tucked underneath the cloth is 20x30cm. The sheet you'll receive will be a natural white though!)




Part of a bigger story