Circular gouache painting that's part of the  #apaintingaday 2020 project! It's painted with gouache, on circular, around 12cm diameter, Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. 


How to frame: 
Option 1: find a circular frame that fits perfectly  (rare find)
Option 2: find a frame (square or rectangle) that's around 14x14cm or (way) bigger, depening how much blank space you prefer. Stick the painting onto a backing paper, so the painting lays on top. 
Option 3: find a frame and have a custom matte board cut. Just take the painting to a local framer and they'll know what to do! The framer sell frames too (more expensive), but you can bring your own frame too (many unique frames can be found at any thrift shop for example!)

Always curious | gouache original