Shadows with glittery edges

Shadows with glittery edges


Warm like a hug, magical like snow glistening in the sun. This small painting was made with so. much. love.


I wanted to create a collection that fills you with joy, wonder, and a bit of nostalgia. It's been a craaazy year, don't you agree? Although it might feel like 2021 can't come quick enough, I hope this ornament will take you back to this unusual time every time you start decorating your home for the holidays. 2020 wasn't only hard - it also brought a sense of connection and slowing down to the ENTIRE globe. I wrote a few words whilst creating these pieces:


"Snowy roads glistening in the sunlight: I think there's definitely the dreaminess of a big adventure ahead - Harri and I are working hard to finish our home on wheels very soon now and we hope to head up north to wander around Scandinavia for a few months!

And more intimately: all of the ornaments have elements of snow in them and I realized that I subconciously wanted the snow to look soft, like a blanket. I think we all need softness a bit more these days, maybe a blanket to hide under for a bit too - I certainly do at times. I'm longing for that tiny-human-in-big-nature-places feeling, in awe of the beauty of this planet ánd for feeling safe and at peace in a warm cocoon"


This little hexagon frame will look spectacular on your tree, but cozies up any corner in your home too! 


8,5x8,5 cm golden frames double glass frames with, hand-dyed cotton ribbon in the shade 'terracotta' (I'm kind of in love with that color if you couldn't tell already - but if you'd prefer another color ribbon you can always contact me after purchasing!)

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