Ohh how lovely this hike was! We drove for a bit, drove through a few tunnels and suddenly snow started to appear. We parked halfway up a mountain and when we stepped out, our shoes disappeared into the snow. Trees heavy under the weight of snow, soft thuds of snow falling here and there and we soon disappeared, following a few footsteps - trusting they'd show us where the path should be. Just the two of us, crossing small icy rivers and slowly clambering through the glistening forest. 


'Heavy Snow, Light Hearts' is painted on an out of date, 8,5x5,8cm business card. I prepared the surface so it'd be suitable for painting and used both acrylics and oil paints. The painting is coated with a layer of clear, glossy varnish. You can bring this piece home on its own, or attached to a matte board - I currently have two sizes available:

- a 13x18cm matte board (the smaller one)

- a 20x30cm matte board (the biggest one) 


Mind you: if one of the options is sold out, 'everything' is sold out. I try to take it down as soon as it's sold, but I haven't found a way to automize it yet.. There's obviously only 1 painting! 


* wooden frame not included *

Heavy Snow, Light Hearts