Your photo turned into a wonderful piece of art. A tiny painting fits in every home/nook/boat/campervan and makes your memories come to life in a completely unique way. 


How to order

After you've selected if you'd like a matte or not, you complete your order. Then, send your precious photography to I'll let you know if the picture is suitable (most are!) and I'll get started from there. If you have special requests for the painting, maybe specific colors or objects you'd like me to leave out, please add that to the same email. 


If we can't get to a good photo - of course, you'll get a complete refund. Once I've started painting, your order becomes non-refundable. 


A good photo

Nowadays, most photos are of decent quality - so don't worry too much about that! Because this is such a small surface, very intricate details will get lost anyway. That's a thing to be mindful about though: if your photo includes a lot of action (small figures, many houses a lot of different textures) - a slightly bigger custom painting might suit better. 


Please keep in mind that this won't be a hyper-realistic painting! I strive to capture your photo in its essence/atmosphere rather than making it photo-realistic. Portraits (as in one or more faces) are not for this particular custom listing. Please check out the other listings to find a more suitable option! Figures are welcome though - swipe through these photos of previous work to see what that looks like. 


If you have any questions or need help choosing a good photo, please feel free to send me a mail or shoot a dm at


The recycled surface

Your piece will be painted on an out of date, 8,5x5,8cm business card. The information on it expired, the high-quality paper not! I prepared the surface so it's suitable and durable for painting. The painting will be coated with a layer of clear, glossy varnish to protect its colors for years to come!. You can bring this piece home on its own, or attached to a 13x18cm matte board. 

Custom tiny landscape | impressionistic oil painting