13x18cm fsc certified wooden frame and matteincluded in price, contact me if you'd like to bring it home without frame.


"We got separated from our tiny home on wheels towards the end of March. The engine stopped just as we reached the top of a mountain - and after being towed back and forth we had to accept that our van would go back to the Netherlands early. We packed our bags and headed North, where we were welcomed into the home of Line & Akaash. We were tired and a little heartbroken, but the famous mountains surrounding their small-town home welcomed us with grace.

13x18cm fsc certified wooden frame included in price, contact me if you'd like to bring it home without frame.

Days alternated from making art to painting woodwork in the house to long mountain hikes. Introverted as we are, we both had confined to the chambers of our minds a bit more after the changes and dissapointments. The sense of space and outstretched views from the tops we climbed, blew fresh air in those chambers and soon brought us closer again. The days grew visibly longer too - as territory of the midnight sun, it still feels (and snows) like winter, but there is so much light. Bright blue shadows and sun-colored snow blind your eyes in the best possible way"



This piece was painted with loose brushstrokes of oil paints onto special oil painting paper. The 9x15cm surface was primed and the painting sealed with a layer of glossy varnish: made to accompany you for years, and last even for generations to come.

Come, rest here