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This gouache painting was painted on 300gsm Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. The painting is varnished. It comes with a frame and perfect fitting off-white matte-board. The painting itself measures 19x28cm. Oak picture frame measuring 30 x 40 cm. Frame thickness is 12 mm. Depth 22 mm. Plexiglas glazing. Oak is a living material which makes each picture frame unique. Weight: 0.71 kg

The framing company states this about their frames: 

"The wood in our frames is harvested in compliance with the EU Timber Regulation. This means ascertaining where the wood used in the frames comes from and following the process as closely as possible in order to prevent illegal logging and to ensure that the entire chain complies with EU regulations. Our wood frames are made from timber originating in the USA and Canada, which are considered low-risk countries. Thanks to these measures, you can rest assured knowing that we operate responsibly and comply with laws and regulations."

A story ignites | Framed gouache original

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  • The Phosphene Collection

    Phosphene (n.) a sensation of a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.

    Like the phosphene lights continue to glow further when we open our eyes - memories travel with us. They're imprinted on our souls, they shape the way we see. Memories and experiences guide us into the unknown, they even glow when all light has faded into darkness. Like those tiny lights in our eyes that spring to life from within.

  • Bits of memories imprinted onto soul. 

    Phosphenes can spring to life when putting light pressure on your closed eyes - they remain visible for a while after you open your eyes again.


    This is the piece that started the collection.

    Reference photo taken in France, after a wondrous evening of sharing food, laughter and dancing with strangers on the square of a Medieval village.