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A set of three still-life paintings of bouquets in vases printed on stunning postcard paper. The loose brushstrokes and dance of translucent and opaque brushstrokes make these pieces feel both classical and playful.


To send to loved ones or to frame and hang on your wall! The paper we use is quite special: made entirely from agricultural waste such as leaves and twigs. This gives the paper an off-white/brownish tint with a bit of fiber; that beautiful recycled look. The front side is coated and therefore lighter in color. The back side is matte and easily writable. The postcard is size A6 (105x148mm). They come with C6-sized recycled envelopes. 


We deeply value the well-being of our planet (and all her inhabitants!) and always do our best to find the best options from natural sources. All papers used in my shop are FSC-certified + we try to avoid the use of plastic when packing your order. 

Floral still-lifes | postcards set

€ 6,80Prijs