Coming soon..

The Refill Kit

Try other (and new are in the making!) sketches and get a refill on the materials you need! Same formula, fresh paints and/or brushes. Bigger containers or tubes, bigger sheets of watercolor and completely customizable to your needs. 



When I paint..

I love listening to:

My evergrowing playlist 'Painypaint' 

Audiobooks! Favorites on/about the creative process:

- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

- Walking on Water Reflections on art and faith

by Madeleine Le'Engle

- The muse by Jesse Burton 

other favorites:

- All the Harry Potter, Narnia, Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings books!


- Do it for the process by Emily Jeffords

- The liturgists podcast

- Where should we begin? by Esther perel


The Custom Landscape Kit

A very special edition of your gouache painting kit!

Send me your very own reference photo - from that special holiday, your parental home, the place where your partner proposed - and I'll break them down into sketches and make a matching color guide!

use IWANTMORE and get a10% discount


Coming soon:

gouache inspiration, free framing guide, YouTube video', new kits??

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