In the wondrous process of creating, we connect to our soul and souls connect because of it - that's just like magic to me.



I am a Dutch artist, currently traveling Norway with our self-converted campervan. It's just big enough to serve as a tiny home for my husband and I ánd as a tiny studio! 

When I create I feel so connected! To make something that hasn't been on this planet before is just magic to me and that's probably why I've been creating for as long as I can remember. Painting feels like a second language for me and I love experimenting with the different materials. I'm currently most in love with gouache and oilpaints, but will always integrate the fluent translucency of a watercolor painting in my work. At heart, I feel like I'm an impressionist painter, with sometimes abstract and sometimes realism splurges. Besides paints I enjoy adding embroidered details to a painting.

DSC_0288 - kopie.jpg

When I'm not painting I love to read, to listen or make music and to go out on adventures. We run a very open household and both value community deeply, so you can often find us sharing a coffee or meals with friends and family. 


We're currently roaming Norway for a few months though! We love following the smallest roads through dense forests and mountain sides here. Follow the adventures @littlemywanders on Instagram


updates from the studio

Lieke Koster owns all rights to here artwork and the images show on this website or social media. Even when you buy an original piece of art - the rights to painting remain Lieke's. Her images and artwork may not be used without permission, both personally and professionally. All images of artwork are the sole property of Lieke Koster. You can totally share Lieke's artwork, but please give credit to the artist - don't make money off of it or claim it as your own.